About Bin —


My relationship to making jewellery is a part of my everyday life such as riding my bike to my studio, visiting the dentist, riding a tram. An angle of a building corner, a fleeting distorted reflection, a pattern on a pavement; these often fleeting visual experiences are the beginnings of my ideas. 

I’m interested in making objects that reflect the times and place in which we live. Where digital technology is used in the process of making, its presence can be referenced in its forms, materials and systems. Artwork made with digital tools reflect the place and time in which it was made.

In time and with constant use, my digital skills have become innate and unconscious. Hand–eye coordination is no longer a conscious activity as manipulating tools become a part of my physicality.

Once I start to work with my ideas, I transform and develop them into objects using the tools of 3D modelling software and 3D printing. Once these tools come into play the idea has a chance of becoming a real world object. My relationship with these tools is intimate and an important part of my making process.

As a digital craftsperson my concerns are with my intimate relationship with my materials and tools. By embracing the technology and acknowledging its contribution in the process of making, the complexity of this relationship is uncovered.

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